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Of Dreamers and the Dead (ODAD) was originally a video game created by Erin Kansela, but has since been turned into a choose your own adventure story that is hosted on this wiki.

The second person narrative takes the reader on Lingz's journey through the Dream Dimension. Lingz has only just woken up recently and has no memories of who they are, or what Reality is even like. Upon awakening they meet two girls, Hatchet and Soi, who explain to Lingz that they're trying to dethrone a wicked tyrant by the name of Necifera - and that they can only do so with Lingz's help. And so the three embark on a journey to the Capitol to find the other crucial piece to winning the war, but it seems Necifera has caught on to them and the trip will not be easy.

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The ground is shaking. You feel it, rattling your bones and organs. You want to move, to hide, but you can't.

You're frozen.

You can see, but barely. Everything is a blurry mess of colors. You can see a bit of white, some red, actually lots of red, some grey…It’s hurting your head to try and focus.

Distantly you can hear what sounds like drums beating in a perplexing rhythm. For a moment you ponder if those are perhaps the drums of an angelic marching band, ready to greet you at the gates of heaven.

You definitely feel dead, but, how did you die?

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