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Lingz is the main protagonist of the ODAD series and is genderfluid. Lingz also has a unique situation, they cannot remember anything about their Reality life.


Lingz is Caucasian with short orange-brown hair. Their eyes are a deep, dark blue and they have freckles across the bridge of their nose. They wear a black hoodie with a snow white interior and their sprite has no hint of a chest, which further supports the Lingz is genderfluid. Their features look neither male or female and Lingz could easily pass for either gender if they wanted to.


  • Lingz's Conscious name was originally going to be Jo, but it was changed since Jo seemed too plain and average.
    • Other possible names for Lingz included Conne, Nen, Love and Imp.
  • Lingz looks nothing like their original Beta. Beta Lingz had longer hair and a shy and timid appearance.
    • Current Lingz is a mixture of all of their possible betas, and ironically looks the least like the beta labeled 'Lingz'. They resemble the beta labeled 'Nen' the most.
  • Lingz is based off of Frisk from Undertale, thus the unique name and the gender-fluidity which allows players to better immerse themselves in the game.
    • It was also at one point debated if Lingz would be a silent protagonist.

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