You step away from the door, heart racing. The pacing slows, then stops. You take a deep breath, about to call out to whoever’s on the other side, when the door starts to shake. The knob is jiggling and the whole door is vibrating as someone bangs on it, over and over. Whoever is out there wants to get in.

You’re completely frozen in fear.

The door suddenly flies open, slamming against the wall. You scream as something flies directly past you and hits the floor a little ways behind you.

Everything goes absolutely silent.

You glance behind you to see a book. You don’t dare pick it up.

You hear more footsteps towards the end of the hall, but let out a breath when you see it’s Hatchet.

“Why are you just standing there?” She slowly walks towards the bedroom.

“The door,” you mumble.

Hatchet pauses in the doorway, inspects the old wood door. “You fucking cracked it? The hell were you doing?”

“I didn’t…” you trail off, glancing behind you at the book. It’s still there.

Hatchet scoffs, picking it up. “Let’s just go, I don’t have time to waste.” She hands it to you. Tales Tragic and Peculiar adorns the cover.

You carefully put it in your bag and follow her out.



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