“I guess I’ll start with the very basics,” She sighs, opening the fridge and fishing out two eggs. “Right now you aren’t awake. You’re asleep. You’re something called a Conscious, we all are a Conscious. Pretty much when we sleep we come here. It’s called DD, short for the Dream Dimension.” She pauses, cracking one egg on the side of the pan and letting its contents fall in.

“It’s a clever name, I know. But you see,” she cracks the second and you watch it land into the pan with a plop. “Dream land ain’t so dreamy. When you’re in a place like this, with magic and wild powers, it’s even easier for someone to fuck shit up. Sure there are petty criminals that can make you forget they ever took a dime from you, there are larger scale criminals that can set a house on fire with a snap of their fingers, and then there are the real crazies. The tyrants, world dominators, people who know how to abuse the system so thoroughly they’re virtually unstoppable.”

She jimmies the pan, adds a pinch of salt to the eggs, and places the lid on it. “Right now there is one such woman out there. Her name is Necifera. She’s done horrible things to this place, shit you can’t properly imagine. She has shackled this entire nation, and in a way, the entire world. And no one has been able to get even remotely close to stopping her. But there are people trying. People like the Indigo Commander, and Amber’s pack, they’ve tried to fight her. And people like Vahn and Ruby, they fight her with information. And us. We’re gonna fight her with you.”

You stare at her, unsure if you heard right. “Excuse me?”

She checks the eggs, prodding them with a spatula she grabbed off the counter. Unsatisfied, she replaces the lid. “You heard me. We’re going to use you to fight Necifera.”

“You’re joking, right? I just woke up like five minutes ago, not even remembering my own name, and now I have to fight some crazy magic lady? No.”

“No what?”

“No, as in I’m not doing it!” You stand, walking towards the dining room. “I’m not putting my life on the line. If I even have a life here. I’m skeptical about the whole ‘This is a dream’ thing, but if that’s true, what does it matter? I’ll just wake up and go about my normal life and deal with reoccurring nightmares or whatever.”

“But, don’t you want to be a hero?” Soi asks, following you out of the kitchen. “It’s a dream, so what do you have to lose? It’ll be fun!”

“I’m not interested in being a hero or whatever. I just want to be left alone.”

“What if you don’t have a choice?” Hatchet calls out. You turn to face her. “What if I kill you if you don’t join us? And what if me killing you here kills you out in the real world? Are you going to take a possibility of death, or an absolute death?”

“Y’know, you’re saying this Necifera lady is crazy, but you seem just as psycho,” You look her straight in the eye as you say it. Any fear you previously had melts away.

She opens her mouth to speak, but instead Soi is the one who says something. “Please. Can’t you at least give it a try? Do the right thing and try to help millions of lives? Give us like a day, okay? Go along with us for a day, and then if you still don’t care you can leave, okay?” There are tears forming in her eyes.

Hatchet, you can easily reject. But a kid? Can you seriously tell a kid on the verge of tears that you won’t even give them a chance? “Fine,” You mutter. “One day.”

“Then you better pack your shit, we need to get moving. Soi, after I finish eating you’re going to help me with the truck, got it?” She uncovers the pan again and this time seems content.

“Yeah, yeah,” Soi turns to you. “There’s a backpack under the bed. Fill it with whatever you think you’ll need. Meet us outside when you’re done.”

You nod and head back the way you came.

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