Hatchet is one of the main characters within ODAD and is one of the first people you meet, both in the main game and in Bajillion Questions.


Hatchet is dark-skinned with long, wavy, dark brown hair. Her eyes are a piercing amber-gold and she has freckles across her cheeks and nose. She wears a plain black tank top and has no accessories. She doesn't seem to have much of a feminine taste and comes across as a rough-and-tough type of girl with a simple taste in clothes; whatever seems comfy and easy to fight in.


Hatchet is a very no-nonsense person as she is displayed so far in the ODAD series. In the game, Hatchet gets annoyed by disruptions and set-backs such as Pho having to use the bathroom before the Six Stars set out. Hatchet also does not answer "bullshit questions" as she refers to them, such as Pho asking her how to spell her name. She clearly doesn't like to stay put for too long when there is work to be done and she doesn't like taking "No" or "Wait" for an answer. She has even been nicknamed "Rage Guide" by some who got it from when she said her motivation to fight Necifera was her rage. However, Hatchet does not have strict plans for her missions. Hatchet explains in a deep analogy in the game that a plan is like a cane. She says that once a person who could walk just fine without a cane got one, they would become dependent on it, and if it was taken away they wouldn't be able to walk without it anymore. She then tells Pho, who asked her what the plan was, that she would "rather walk without assistance." This explains Hatchet's method of leading missions, and it also shows that she might have a deeper side to her that no one knows about.
Hatchet stern tp

Her sprite design


ODAD: A Bajillion Questions

In Bajillion Questions Hatchet appears to be in charge of Soi and Yuki as they wait for Erzabet to return to bring them to Energy City. She makes the big decisions and overall intimidates Pho.


  • Hatchet was finalized both name and appearance wise before any other character.
  • Hatchet has been dubbed "Rage Guide" by fans

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