Audiomachine - When It All Falls Down

The ground is shaking. You feel it, rattling your bones and organs. You want to move, to hide, but you can't.

You're frozen.

You can see, but barely. Everything is a blurry mess of colors. You can see a bit of white, some red, actually lots of red, some grey…It’s hurting your head to try and focus.

Distantly you can hear what sounds like drums beating in a perplexing rhythm. For a moment you ponder if those are perhaps the drums of an angelic marching band, ready to greet you at the gates of heaven.

You definitely feel dead, but, how did you die?

Maybe it was a silent death, y'know where you pass away in your sleep and are pretty much guaranteed a life of limbo because you can't figure that you're actually dead. Or maybe it was a bloody, horrific, slow demise. You honestly don’t think it matters at this point.

"Lingz..." The voice is soft but deep, coated in honey, decidedly female.

Is that you? You can't really remember your name right now. Lingz sure sounds like a weird name.

Could it be that an angel is beckoning you to an eternal afterlife of joy and relaxation?

"Wake... the fuck... up..."

Okay, that probably isn't an angel. Maybe it's one of the Devil's servants waking you for a million lifetimes of torture.

Damn, what did you do to deserve that?

"LINGZ GET UP. NOW." The honey is gone. The voice is a full blown yell, anger mixed with fear. The world suddenly becomes too loud. An explosion, that’s what you’re hearing. It shakes the ground worse than ever and you feel like your ears are bleeding.

Everything goes dark.

If you weren't dead before you probably are now.


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