Beyond the Sleep is a radio show that occurs in the same universe as ODAD. It is hosted by a woman named Vahn and managed by her close friend Ruby.

The first episode begins a few months before Lingz becomes Conscious, but it is inferred that the show itself has actually been running since the War began, and maybe even a bit before that. The station is located in Energy City but is considerably unprotected and is in an area that is mostly abandoned.

Episode List

1.1 Pilot

Vahn discusses the absence of leaders, a truck theft, and there seems to be some chaos in the streets.

1.2 Hackers

Vahn alerts us to the fact that experiments have escaped a lab, a rioter speaks out, and the Capitol has been hacked. Dreyus Rendeev guest stars.


  • Within the ODAD universe Beyond the Sleep comes on air every night, excluding Saturdays and Sundays.

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